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Lauren Sublett, Music City Health Advisors

Regardless of where you are at on your Health journey, I am passionate about providing informative, empowering education and resources when it comes to your health care. I offer free consults to anyone needing guidance and support when it comes to their best options.

I Promise You'll Learn Something.

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Learning Center

Learn about how you can still cover your health care needs while driving your own success.

What Are My Health Care Options if I'm Self Employed?

There are so many options when it comes to your coverage it can feel overwhelming locking down when to make that leap. Find out the best time to get started. 

When Can I Enroll in Health Coverage?

Like most responsible decision-makers, we understand why you'd want to take a look at all the options. This is why a Health Advisor may be best for you.

How Do I Go Over ALL of My Health Insurance Options?

In this video, we’re diving deep into what everyone NEEDS to know before signing up for Health Insurance, and the down n’ dirty truth that the Healthcare Industry WON’T tell you!

Don't Shop for Healthcare without watching this!

If you're not quite ready for a free consult and simply curious about what options are available to you, reach out for a free private healthcare quote!

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Hear what these fine people have to say

Naturopathic Doctor

Jewel Carey

"Lauren is incredibly knowledgeable and so helpful! Working with her was an absolute breeze. She took the time to explain my options (in a really easy to understand way!), and answer any questions I had. Lauren is kind, warm, and attentive and did a fantastic job helping me select the plan that would work best for me and my family. I am so impressed with her skills, insight, and compassion. I absolutely recommend her services to anyone seeking health insurance! Thank you for helping me, Lauren. You are amazing!"

CEO & Founder of VIRT Physical Therapy

Mariana Tondo

"Lauren is extremely knowledgeable, always ready to help and passionate about what she does. I had a great experience with her and if you need someone who is always available to answer any questions is your person. Highly recommend!"


Chelsey Albert

"Lauren is an absolute ROCKSTAR when it comes to health insurance! For 2 years I was cobbling together short term plans and she helped me get an underwritten plan with BETTER coverage and about 40% cheaper than! I am so glad she took the time to help me sort out my insurance mess! Seriously, call Music City Health Advisors if you want to make the health insurance process headache-free!"

Shena Lackman

"Lauren was so sweet and communication was great! She took her time talking to me about the different plans that would work best for my situation and wasn’t pushy or in my face about picking. She said I could take my time to think about what plan I would fee most comfortable with. I would definitely recommend her for your insurance needs!"

Self Employed

No access to employer coverage because you are self-employed? Find the best coverage that works for you.

Small Business

Offer affordable and excellent coverage to your employees while offering them tax benefits.

Travel for Work

Make sure that you are on the best healthcare network to avoid unexpected expenses if you travel for work.

Make sense out of your health care, no matter where you're at in life.

Check Out the New

VIRT Wellness Program

VIRT provides informative educational videos addressing ergonomics and body mechanics to improve posture and the way you move. The ultimate goal is to help you feel better, reduce pain, and prevent injuries.


An exclusive offer is available for Music City Health Advisor clients, which includes access to the VIRT Wellness platform at a discounted price




Health Care Assistance That is...

Health Care is a Human Right.

I’m Lauren Sublett. A licensed Healthcare Advisor dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare solution for my clients nationwide.

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