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Virt Wellness

VIRT Wellness is a comprehensive online platform featuring  informative educational videos addressing ergonomics and body mechanics to improve posture and the way you move.These exercises encompass functional workouts, that you can easily fit into your daily routine. The ultimate goal is to help you feel better, reduce pain, and prevent injuries.


An exclusive offer is available for Music City Health Advisor clients, which includes access to the VIRT Wellness platform at a discounted price. Check it out by clicking the button!

Virt Physical Therapy

VIRT is an effective way to receive specialized physical therapy on the go. Through a secure video platform, you can enjoy the convenience of receiving assistance from a physical therapist, no matter where you are. Save time and receive the answers and care you need. Take control of your pain and learn how to get back to living pain-free.



An exclusive offer is available for Music City Health Advisor clients, which includes virtual PT visits and access to the VIRT Wellness platform. Check it out here:

Zero to Hero Elite Fitness Training

Exclusive offer for Music City Health Advisor Clients! Receive up to 50% off your first in-person or virtual training package with Cody Kelly, Elite Fitness Trainer for Zero to Hero Coaching!


Zero to Hero's Mission: To support high level individuals & leaders to become their own hero so they can impact their local communities and change the world.


Find a FREE Or less expensive way to get vaccines.


The National Breast Cancer Foundation partners “with medical facilities across the country to provide free mammograms and diagnostic breast care services to underserved women.” Search for a location near year by clicking the button here.

Intuitive Hypnotherapy

Chelsey Albert is an experienced and intuitive healer, who specializes in progressive hypnotherapy services. A wonderful (and more affordable) alternative to traditional therapy. I can't recommend her enough!

TN Medicaid

Do you live in Tennessee and need help with medicaid? The TN Justice Center can help you determine your eligibility and help you enroll. They also help with Cover Kids and SNAP. Just fill out this form and you will be contacted. Having trouble accessing your benefits? They also provide free legal resources to help!

Music City Resources

Empower Music Therapy 

In music therapy sessions, clients of all ages and abilities explore music-based activities with a board-certified music therapist. Music therapy sessions often include techniques like songwriting, improvisation, music-based mindfulness, and movement to work towards goals such as self-care, expressive communication, healthy coping and/or emotional awareness. At Empower Music Therapy, we believe in the healing power of self-expression. 

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